Your Body is Beautiful the Way It Is

Stop for a moment & ponder the amazingness of your body.

Think about the miracle of each breath that enters into your lungs, effortlessly, without uncertainty. Think about all of your senses: you are tasting, feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing incessantly; these sensations enrich your life & make it gorgeous, vibrant, liveable.

Think about the uniqueness of your fingerprint, your eye color, your skin tone, your hair texture. Think about the beauty of your mind, how it houses memories, thoughts, beliefs, concepts, & signals, & how all of these things help you function, create, & interact with other humans.

Think about the body's spectacular natural rhythms: it sleeps every night & wakes every morning; it enables you to eat & digest food, & expel waste; it allows you to experience divine pleasure in the form of orgasms.

Think about your heartbeat, & how it has never, ever failed you.

All of this is extraordinary.

But we do not focus on these marvelous things.

Instead, we focus on how we need to lose ten pounds. How many grey hairs are peeking through our scalps. How the outside world perceives us (when they're probably not even paying attention to us). How small our breasts are. How much we hate our noses. How hairless our bodies should be. How insignificant we are. How perfect we should be at all times.

How irrelevant, when something so phenomenal is happening within our bodies at the moment.

There are billions of tiny cells within us, working for our bodies in harmony & without complaint. They are completely devoted to us; they practically worship us. These cells keep us alive, strong, & healthy even while we're fretting about the cellulite on our thighs or our "unsightly" smile lines. They feel the vibration of your negative thoughts & these vibrations will even kill some of them... yet, they keep working. Diligently.

This is remarkable.

So much time would be saved, so many cells would go on living, if we ceased in worrying about our appearance. We would find so much joy in the incredible abilities our body is capable of. We would smile in spite of the imperfections; we would celebrate them, we would fall in love with them.

We would make peace with the fact our bodies are beautiful precisely the way they are right now, because they are healthy, they are living, they are breathing. We have the ability to walk towards the direction of our dreams, to use our hands to write, to use our arms to embrace, to use our mouths to devour delicious meals, to use our voices to spread significant messages in the world.

These are all miracles & precious gifts.

This is my message to you:

Do not upset yourself with thoughts of inadequacy. Do not get riled up at the number you see on a scale. Do not reject your body. Do your best to steer clear from self-judgment & critical thoughts. Realize that you are doing your body & all of those loyal cells an unkindness with your self-destructive mantras.

Instead, be grateful of every breath, every step, every minute you are alive & blinking in this moment.

Realize that beauty is just a concept. Keep it in perspective. Meditate on the miraculousness of your body, the cohesiveness of your insides. Those are the things that truly matter.

Your body is beautiful, perfect, outstanding the way it is.


(PS: I would really appreciate it if you helped me spread this message. More people need to realize the utter magnificence of their bodies.)

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