Before You Insert A Yoni Egg Into Your Vagina, Read This

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I get so many questions about kegels and yoni eggs in my work. There was actually a time a couple years ago where it felt like I couldn’t leave my house without someone trying to sell me one or preach the gospel of these egg-shaped crystals.

I’m one of those people who gets really really wary whenever there’s a lot of hype happening around something, so seeing all the hullabaloo surrounding yoni eggs made me feel more skeptical than curious.

So to bring some actual facts to this, I sat down and had a conversation with my friend, Danielle Cornelius—a chiropractor, reiki healer, and holistic pelvic care practitioner who specializes in the health and healing of the pelvis.

Danielle is the only person that I trust to educate me on this topic. She’s also my bodyworker. She’s done reiki on me before, given me the most gentle chiropractic adjustments I’ve ever had, and has released tension from the walls of my vagina via internal massage—and she walks us through what that is and how you can find someone who does this work in your area.

And, of course, we talk all about yoni eggs—what they're for, how to use them, and what things to be cautious of when using them (spoiler: you probably shouldn't leave it in all day).

"There's so much the female pelvis goes through. I just felt like it deserves more honor." 

Pelvic health is a huge part of sexual health. Literally everybody with a vagina should listen to this.

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  • What holistic pelvic care is in practice
  • Using internal vaginal massage to release and heal trauma
  • Demystifying and desexualizing the vagina through non-sexual healing touch
  • The problem with kegels and yoni eggs + things you should be cautious of
  • Practices to help you connect with your vagina and pelvic floor
  • Cultivating more body awareness to encourage healing and mindfulness

Other things mentioned in this episode:

The book Wild Feminine and Tami Kent's work; the pelvic bowl; a directory to help you find a holistic pelvic care practitioner in your area.

Also check out Saida Desilets' Jade Egg practice.

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