You are someone who knows intuitively that you were meant for more—for ecstasy, for total empowerment, for divinity, for Yes.

You can feel it in your bones, in your heart, in every corner of your being.

But. . . you’ve been discouraged from expressing your true pleasure-centered self.

For as long as you can remember, you've been advised not to manifest your sensuality and to instead be responsible, self-denying, and pure.

Your sexuality has been dampened by societal pressures and limiting beliefs, and you've been scared into thinking that your curiosity about the erotic is sinful and forbidden.

And all the while, your hidden desires have been lying dormant as you've starved your body of the pleasure it deserves, the pleasure it is capable of.

It's time to set yourself free.

It's time to give yourself permission to explore your inner carnality, to accept yourself completely as you are, and to live life uninhibited.

"Ev'Yan artfully manages to be both profoundly comforting and fiercely provocative. Like a cup of warm honey-laced milk, served to you by a supremely sensual and delightfully distracting... human. If you've allowed yourself to be stifled by someone else's definition of what sex is, or isn't, and where erotic energy belongs, or doesn't, this manifesto was hand-woven for you."
—Alexandra Franzen

. . .

"You know when you read the first few chapters of a book and you're instantly pulled in and you know from there it's only going to get better? I had that experience reading this manifesto. Afterward, I felt empowered, beautiful, fearless, radiant. I want to send this to every woman I love and adore." —Mika Terao


Sex Love Liberation: A Collection of Essays is an ode to your sexual self-discovery, a manifesto for freedom.

Within its pages contains words that are destined to become your daily mantras, sections that will catapult you into sensuality, and explorations to guide you deeper into self-actualization.

Some of the chapters read like love letters. Some of them read like audacious essays meant to remind you of your beauty and greatness. Others have the look and flow of poetry, their intention being to breathe luscious light into you.

In addition to the prose, you'll have the opportunity to embody the words with the Explorations workbook. These additional pages will prompt you to begin playing with sex, love, and liberation on your own terms. And you can fill it out digitally—no need to print!

Prepare to come face to face with the essence of your erotic self.


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"[This book] is delicious. Beautiful. Provocative. A sumptuous meal served up for the heart, body and soul—the intellect even gets a good and healthy course, as well. Ev'Yan's words taste like rain, smell like wind, and go down like honey. In reading this, I am both soothed and ignited." —Julie Daley

The book includes three sections:



> The gorgeous expression of your sex and senses
> Ways to immerse yourself in pleasure and play
> Why we fake orgasms (and how to stop)
> How creative energy and sexual energy go hand-in-hand
> An ode to the desire we were born from: orgasms




> A reminder of what love is and what love isn’t
> Beginning to practice self-love
> What to do when self-love hurts the ones you love
> How to tell someone you love them
> The importance of doing things that you love, no excuses




> Your life without fear or inhibition
> Why accepting compliments is a step toward liberation
> How to ask for what it is you want
> A list of things you can do to liberate yourself right now
> Your creativity as a path to freedom


The book entails 87 digital pages of soul-stirring prose, including the Explorations workbook.



All sales are final. Please shop mindfully.


"This book lifted my heart, and opened up musty corners of my Self that I didn't even know existed. After reading this, you will no longer be content to live a 'pretty good' life. You will yearn for a life fully lived, and you'll be facing in the right direction to make it happen."
—Pace Smith

. . .

"Dear men who are reading this: Ev'Yan's guide is relevant to men (in fact, it's relevant to everyone) - it will help you become more aware of your sexual existence. Ev'Yan's writing voice is gentle and welcoming; it makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with her in a cosy garden on a hot summer night. It's an inspiring conversation that never ends and it gets better and better."
—Masafumi Matsumoto

. . .

"Exquisite thoughts, musings and meanderings to make you feel like the true woman you were born to be. Sometimes in our busy lives we need permission and a gentle reminder on how wonderful we really are. Ev'Yan over delivers with reminders and permission all scattered with her adoration and love. Highly recommended."
—Goddess Star-Monroe

. . .

"From the first page right up until her very last word, I was hooked and could not put it down. Her message holds so much striking truth that we should all hear, but on top of that, Ev'Yan's words aren't just words - they're sex on a page. Do yourself a favor and get this book. Not only will you become jolted alive, but by extension, your projects will, too. And that's worth any amount of money." —Ash Ambirge

. . .

"This book is fire kindled between the sheets, whether you're with a partner or not. For me, the book is steeped in sex and love, but the workbook? All about liberation. Scribbling my answers on the sheets was fun and heart-opening. Letting go of things that don't really work for you is one of the most freeing things I can think of." —Jenn Gibson



All sales final. Please shop mindfully.

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