Healing Her Sexual Past, Finding Erotic Joy: A Sexually Liberated Woman's Story

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She came to me wanting to be released from the clamp her sexual past. It was blocking her, keeping her in shame and in stories that no longer served her.

She wanted to be confident, to embrace her queer and sexual identity. She wanted to heal her sexual trauma and find deep pleasure and presence in sex. She wanted to create new sexual values that kept her feeling safe, wanted, and cared for.

She wanted to be erotically set free.

This is Tasha's story.

. . .

I started working one-on-one with Tasha last year and as soon as we got on the phone, I could tell she was ready—nervous, but ready.

She had been living in the shadows of sexual trauma and shame for so long that she was quite literally tired of it. She knew she was capable of more, that she had the potential for pleasure and deep connection to her desires, and she was done living with the old stories that kept her blocked and inhibited.

Within just a few sessions, I saw this vibrant, sexually curious and sensual woman coming through. It was clear that her sexuality had been waiting for transformation.

And transform she did.

Before our work together, sex used to be this heavy, serious thing for Tasha. Now, she's reclaimed a sense of playfulness and joy in sex. She's in a beautiful relationship with a partner who supports and encourages her sexual agency and she's created new stories that have helped her sexual identity and desires flourish.

She found her voice—the voice of her body, the voice of her desires, the voice that fiercely advocates for her needs and her safety. 

"Sexual liberation is honesty with myself and others, is sexual openness with myself and others, it is the vibrant vulnerability and vibrant visibility that I strived for for most of my life." —Tasha

I believe that when we share our stories we help others to heal. And Tasha's story is one of total liberation—not just of sex, but of self. Through our work, she came home to herself and took her sexual power back. The way she healed herself is beyond inspiring.

Recently, she and I sat down and revisited her journey—the highs, the lows; the healing and the reclamation. I especially wanted to hear about how the sex has been for her now that she's released the story of a victim.

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  • How (and when) she knew needed help healing her sexuality
  • Promiscuity and the reconciliation of her sexual past
  • How the #MeToo movement inspired and catapulted her sexual healing
  • The way she reclaimed the word rape and how she's using it as an empowerment tool
  • The affirmation for her sexuality that's currently on her wall
  • The sex she's having today—goofy, open, vibrant
  • The original Sexually Liberated Woman series

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