November 2018
"I'm Not Broken, I'm Whole": A Sexually Liberated Woman's Story of Healing & Transformation

Photo: Irving Penn (via Tumblr) In my work as a sexuality doula and sex educator, I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible women and femmes who are ready to change and dramatically heal their sexualities. They come to me because they’ve spent years feeling sexually inhibited, years feeling shame and dogma and trauma,…

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October 2018
Sex Worker Rights Are Human Rights: A Conversation About Sex Work & Sexual Liberation

Image: Ev'Yan Whitney If you consider yourself a sexually liberated person; if you call yourself a feminist; if you believe in the sexual liberation and sexual agency of others; if you’ve made it your job to instigate sexual liberation in others through things like sex coaching, pole dancing, sensuality courses, or any other forms of…

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August 2018
The Moon, The Stars, & My Sex Life: What My Astrological Chart Says About My Sexuality

Photo: Joey Cortez Confession: I'm a bit obsessed with astrology. More than just reading my horoscope, I’m super into the intricacies of my natal chart—my rising and moon signs, the particular signs my planets are in, and also the signs my friends and loved ones (even my dog) have. As I've been doing my own personal…

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July 2018
Before You Insert A Yoni Egg Into Your Vagina, Read This

Photo: Tumblr I get so many questions about kegels and yoni eggs in my work. There was actually a time a couple years ago where it felt like I couldn’t leave my house without someone trying to sell me one or preach the gospel of these egg-shaped crystals. I’m one of those people who gets…

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June 2018
I'm Coming Out (Again): My Messy, Confusing, Dramatic Coming Out Story

An actual photo I'm using on my OK Cupid profile currently. It's Pride month and as such I’ve been thinking a lot about my queer identity—specifically, the ways I honor that in my current relationship and then reminiscing about the rocky and enlightening road that led me to ID-ing myself in this way. Even though…

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