A Call to Arms to Slow the Fuck Down


Photo : Kwesi Abbensetts

One of the key components to sensuality is mindfulness. And mindfulness, essentially, is about being completely awake to this, the present moment.

But it is very hard to be in this present moment—which is quite glorious, by the way—when we are in a hurried, rushed state (and my goodness, are we often in this state).

Have you ever caught yourself rushing around like a tornado without a real reason for it? Perhaps you’re driving from work and you’re speeding through intersections to get home. Or maybe you’re washing the dishes, clanking pots and almost breaking plates just to hurry up and finish.

And there’s no purpose for it, no need for it, but you find yourself doing it anyway.

Hurry, hurry! Faster, faster! There’s not a moment to lose! Gotta get there!

Rushing around helter-skelter seems to be an intrinsic part of our culture. We’re always in such a hurry, to get there, to finish, to arrive at Destination B so that we can hurry up and get to Destination C.

Is it any wonder why many of us feel disconnected from our bodies, from our experiences, from our senses?

Rushing around kills mindfulness. And lack of mindfulness thwarts sensual living.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!—and thank goodness, because all of this hurriedness leaves me, personally, feeling gloomy, incoherent, and very much not myself.

If we’re here to live life fully through our senses, we need to—and pardon my language—slow the fuck down. We have to. Sensuality does not thrive in a hurried, rushed, go-go-go! state.

So, today. . . I want you to challenge you. . . to go. . . slowly.

Walk slowly. Eat slowly. Speak slowly. Breathe slowly. Take your sweet, precious time.

Be patient—with yourself, with others. Devour each moment inch by inch, second by second. Savor.

One of the easiest ways to be reminded of going slowly throughout the day is to be conscious of your breath. Your breath is a powerful thing because it can act as a metronome for you, one that tunes you in and times you beautifully to the present moment.

So whenever you feel yourself getting carried away and into hurriedness today, take a moment to stop, take in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. This one simple act will ground you back in to your body, slow your heart rate, and bring you back to the present moment, making it much easier for you to go back to slowness.

I should say here that going slowly doesn’t always translate to cool, calm, and collected living. Things will still be hectic, and the world around you won’t cease its hurrying just because you’re trying it on for size.

I also don’t expect for you to live this entire day in languid slowness. There will be many moments today where hurrying might be necessary—say, you’re running to catch the bus or your project deadline is closing in on you.

The trick for you, then, will be to try to find slowness and stillness even in those fast moments. Is it possible? (I think so.)

And of course, it’s going to take many days of practice and patience to continue this kind of slow living—much more than this prompt can allow. But you can take the first step to unhurried living today. All it takes is that one step.

Go slowly.
Take your time.

“Feel the pleasure of your own existence.” —David Deida


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