In our culture, sexual liberation comes with a lot of shoulds.

You should be multiorgasmic. You should be kinky. Your arousal should come easily. You should express your sexuality in a very specific way in order to be considered sexually free. 

But my approach with sexual liberation is a lot more flexible and gentle.

My belief is that sexual liberation is meant to give us room to grow, explore, and be curious about the sexual beings we want to become on our own terms.

Otherwise, it's not sexual liberation.

Sexual liberation in practice looks like you expressing your sexuality, embodying your identity, and connecting to what gives you pleasure in a way that feels authentic, positive, and safe to you.

Sexual liberation is not "one size fits all." It can be expressed in a plethora of ways.

And if you want to uncover and embody what your unique expression of sexual liberation looks like, it's time to begin your sexual liberation journey.

Here's how—

Sexual Liberation 101 is a gentle class on how you can start your own personal sexual revolution—with self-inquiry, inner reflection, and powerful questions to help you find sexual empowerment on your own terms.

With Sexual Liberation 101, you'll learn—

  • The important questions you need to ask to recover your sexuality
  • What's blocking you from being sexually free and how to heal yourself
  • Your unique path to sexual freedom and pleasure
  • How to let go of shoulds and expectations within your sexual expression
  • How to reclaim pleasure and levity within your sexuality

What you'll get with this class:

  • A 22-minute lesson to guide you toward sexual empowerment and exploration
  • Powerful prompts to help you get clear about what sexual liberation looks like for you
  • Resources to keep you inspired while you move and grow in your journey


Sexual Liberation 101 is self-led, which means you can uncover your sexuality at your own pace—creating even more ease and spaciousness for you to explore.



Due to the digital nature of this course, all sales are final. Please shop mindfully. 

Sexual Liberation 101 isn't going to try to get you to be someone you're not.

With me as your guide, we're going to create an environment where you can playfully explore who you are (or want to be) as a sexually liberated person—without the shoulds or societal pressures.

This isn't about learning tips or tricks. With Sexual Liberation 101, you'll bring focus and awareness to who you want to be sexually, authentically.

By the end of this class, you will officially be on your sexual liberation journey. 

And I'm so looking forward to the beautiful reclaiming and healing you'll do as a result.


Love from past students—

“I am in absolute awe of the transformation and blossoming that has taken place for me while working with Ev’Yan. It’s been literal magic. I have discovered parts of myself that I was longing to connect with. And I am more confident, body-conscious and tapped into my sensual power than ever before. She created the safest, most empowering space for me to explore my deepest desires, and has helped me completely redefine my relationship with my body. I am endlessly grateful for this experience!” —Che Che L.

. . .

“It’s a rare gift to find someone who is able to tenderly hold space with one’s vulnerabilities. When I heard your voice I felt that the decision to give voice to this call was the only right thing I could have done for the self I want to become. I am grateful for your wise energy, your tenderness and the lightness with which you guided me during these sessions.” —Jasmine K.

. . .

“Working with you, the biggest transformation that I have undergone was the ability to strengthen my voice. Through our work during our sessions, in conjunction with your guided prompts, I was able to really dig deeper into myself and ask questions that strengthened my understanding of my own identity. These simple yet intense questions really began to peel back layers of shame or doubt, and what was left was pure bliss in the acceptance of who I am no matter what that looks like. I am extremely grateful for your help in this process!” —Carla M.



Due to the digital nature of this course, all sales are final. Please shop mindfully. 

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