Sex in Public: “I enjoy girl/girl porn.”

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I had my first sexual sensation when I was around 11. I was babysitting for a family who left a Playboy magazine out. I flipped through the pages…and got a little excited “down there”. There was something about the pictures of two women touching each other that gave me a warm and comforting feeling. It wasn’t long after that I began to masturbate.

Through the years, I enjoyed masturbating as much as I wanted, at least once a week, I would take care of myself enjoying the peace that comes from that beautiful climax. When it was possible, I would find my parents hidden Playboys and enjoy looking at the pictures of women together. I loved to see where they touched each other, and would try to touch myself the same way.

Never once did I think that I was a lesbian. Still to this day at 41, I still enjoy watching women together, but have never had the desire to be with a women. I love men, a lot. I tried to share this with my husband, but it was not something he was open to. I kept it a secret my entire life, until he found my collection of porn videos. He was devastated…and unfortunately would not believe that I had no interest in being with a women, only watching.

After our divorce, he tried to convince himself I was gay, and that was why I wanted out. Trouble was, I tried very hard to explain that I wanted to be open with him, but his closed mind and backward attitude made that impossible for me. Watching woman have sex had nothing to do with my own sexuality, just made me extremely horny.

Now, I have vowed to share this with my lovers. Most men, I find, think it’s extremely sexy.

One thing that remains to this day, is the simple fact that watching women have sex, and wanting to have sex with women, are two different tendencies.

I have no sexual attraction to women, but I have quite a fun collection of videos of women who do.

— Dawn, Illinois


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