Sensuality is Your Birthright

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(Note: This is a continuation of a previous post.)

Sensuality is the vibrancy of every moment. It is an invitation for you to open wider, to tune in closely, to be present actively.

Sensuality is connection—connection to your surroundings, connection to your body and inner rhythms, connection to what feels good.

Sensuality is instinct, primal enjoyment. When you are engaged in sensuality, you listen keenly with your senses. Time slows, inhibitions lower, and pleasure expands your body.

Without sensuality, your life would be dull, mechanical, unfeeling. And you feel deeply.

Sensuality lives in your breath, in the soles of your feet, on the tip of your tongue, and in the sacred voice of your intuition.

I believe that you don't need to be taught how to be sensual; it is inherently within you and within this moment. You only need to open to your natural capacity to feel and sense and be.

I believe that sensuality is your birthright, that moments of slowness, presence, and inner listening are imperative for embodied living.

I believe that sensuality is easily accessible, that every breath is an opportunity for you to experience the sensual and awaken fully to this gorgeous moment—even if it's filled with busyness or chaos.

I believe that sensuality is yours for the taking. All you need to do is give yourself permission to play.

If you want to be sensual. . .

1. Breathe—deeply, consciously.
2. Go slowly.
3. Seek pleasure wherever you are, in whatever you're doing.
4. Open yourself to the richness and fullness of each moment.
5. Develop an intimate kinship to the desires of your heart and body.
6. Indulge in loving self-care.
7. Go inward and ask what it is you want.
8. Explore your capacity to feel and experience pleasure.
9. Trust your body and intuition, and their ability to guide you.
10. Consciously make space for your senses to open you. . .

 . . . to this gorgeous moment, to the depths of your ability to feel, to the pleasure you know your body is capable of.

But especially: Give yourself permission to play.




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