Self-Love is an expression of adoration for everything you are.
Self-Hate is a handful of doubts that dilute your inner goodness & your natural greatness.

Self-Love is an acknowledgment of all your accomplishments, even the tiny ones.
Self-Hate broods on every mistake you’ve made since the day you were born, taking away your glory.

Self-Love is lightness, illumination, joyful.
Self-Hate is apathy, insecurity, sorrow.

Self-Love expounds on your magnificence.
Self-Hate stifles your growth.

Self-Love manifests itself in smiles, in sex, & in kindness.
Self-Hate wallows.

Self-Love is unapologetic.
Self-Hate makes excuses.

Self-Love celebrates your quirks & the very essence of your individuality.
Self-Hate is ashamed of your roots & your inherited characteristics (your father’s nose, your mother’s widow’s peak, your grandfather’s lanky stature).

Self-Love is unconditional.
Self-Hate is half-assed.

Self-Love is gentle.
Self-Hate is brutal.

Self-Love is organic.
Self-Hate is a defect.

Self-Love is giving yourself permission to say yes, say no, give up, or give in.
Self-Hate prompts guilt for whichever decision you make.

Self-Love portrays & nourishes the heartfelt passion you were born with.
Self-Hate betrays your spiritual self.

— — — —

This post is to remind you of what self-love & self-hate are, because sometimes we forget.

I know I do.

Q: which quality do you embody most throughout the day: self-love or self-hate?

(There is no right or wrong answer, just one that brings awareness.)

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