I like to keep it low-key and easy on New Year’s Eve. No big, flamboyant, boozy parties for me—I choose to spend the final moments of the year in quiet reflection and celebration.

I have a few traditions on the days leading up to the last of the year—saging my house, washing all of my linens, a year-ahead tarot reading, collard greens + cornbread—but the one I look forward to most is sitting down to do my personal end-of-the-year review ritual.

This ritual feels a lot like planting a garden. It’s about getting the lay of the land from the previous year and preparing it for new growth—pulling weeds, sifting through dirt, old roots, and new worms.

It’s about clearing space to make a home for new life.

And that’s where this workbook comes in.

2018: Review, Reflect, Release is a retrospective digital workbook I created based on my own end-of-the-year ritual. 

It’ll help guide you in re-evaluating, celebrating, and letting go of 2018 so that you can step fully into the newness and raw potential of 2019.


  • Fun, thoughtful prompts to help you reminisce and properly release 2018
  • Special pages dedicated to the creation of soulful intentions for 2019
  • A tutorial on how to do a witchy releasing ritual to keep the past in the past
  • Themed sections so you can celebrate specific parts of the old year:
    • Creative, Body, Relationships, Self, Milestones, + more
  • A special new year’s prayer—from me to you
  • And more!


What it’s like inside:


Work through it digitally via your computer, phone, or tablet.
Or print it out and put pen to paper.

Whichever you choose, this workbook is the perfect way to put “Out with the old and in with the new” into action.


2018 in a nutshell for me: Expansive. Abundant. Revealing. Radiant.

I’m a little superstitious in that I believe that in order for us to step fully into the new year and receive all of the incredible goodness it holds, we need to honor what has been.

This little workbook helps you do that and more.

I had so much fun creating this workbook for you and I hope you enjoy going through it. Come New Year’s Eve, I’ll be retreating to my studio to work through the workbook right alongside you.

Let’s give 2018 a proper burial so we can step into the raw potential of 2019, shall we?


New year’s blessings,

Ev’Yan xx



“Oh my gooooodness. In love love with this workbook + downright obsessed with the title you gave it. PERFECTION! I’m skimming through it just to get a sense of it now, and honestly, Ev’Yan, I can already say that THIS is the reflection work I have been searching for. The questions/sections are on POINT. I’ve downloaded 8 bajillion ‘workbooks’ this month to fuel my reflection, but this takes the cake. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.” —Emily D.

. . .

Just bought it, just filled it out, what an AMAZING gift! Going to do my burning ceremony tomorrow. Loving this and you and all you are. Thank you for being a highlight in my year.” —Sofia A.

. . .

“Thank you SO much for this workbook – I am printing it as we speak and cannot wait to dive in! I’ve been craving a special ritual as I reflect on the past year and gear up for this New Year & this feels so perfect.” —Sarah D.

. . .

“Ev’Yan, your Review Reflect Release workbook was exactly what I needed – the ritual at the end was so powerful. I let go of something I had been carrying for 18 years and I was able to both celebrate and grieve that loss. It was amazing. I highly highly recommend it to all!” —Gina L.


Cover photo: Celeste Noche

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