If You Want to Become More Sexual...

When I first met my husband, I stood in awe of the shameless expression of his sexuality. It surpassed his innate ability to confidently act on his desires; he was deeply connected to his sexual spirit.

Namely, his penis.

I remember thinking back then that men have it (the journey of sexuality) quite easy. From very young ages, they've been taught to touch their genitals & make friends with them, prompting a loving kind of camaraderie to the very thing that houses their sensual energy.

Women have it much harder.

Not only are our domes of carnal energy discreetly hidden, we've been conditioned to keep our hands to ourselves. Yes, there's beauty & a bit of wonder in our self-cleaning ovens, but they're not meant to be touched.

I've always thought the differences in the way women & men actualize their sexualities boiled down to gender. If you're male, you're lucky to have a personal relationship with your genitals. If you're a female, you're predestined to treat "down there" like a classified piece of land.

But it's not simply luck that blesses men with the ability to have a fond relationship with their penises. It's habit.

On average, a male goes to the bathroom 5-8 times a day.

And he's likely seeing & touching his genitals each time.

Men see (& touch) the source of their sexual energy several times a day. They're familiar with their penises. They're maestros of their anatomy.

Of course it helps that their bits are displayed unabashedly outside of their bodies, but the fact that women's are not shouldn't stop us from getting on friendly terms with our lady bits.

What would it be like if we -- women -- sought out to forge a heartfelt relationship with our genitals? What if we saw the whole of our vulvas (with adequate lighting) several times a day?

What if every time we went to the bathroom, we opened a compact mirror between our legs & took a peek at our sex?

I imagine we would become more rooted in our sexuality; more connected to our source; more acutely aware of the vitality within us.

When we find ourselves boldly & enthusiastically familiar of the wellspring of our eroticism -- that being our genitalia -- we'll be less likely to stifle it & more open to fanning the flames of our desires.

If you want to become more sexual...

Steal glances at your vulva, your inner labia, your delicate clitoris. Know your anatomy.

Become [re]acquainted with your sex's succulent feminine energy; so much that when you close your eyes to picture it you know it much like you know the back of your hand.

The moment we begin to form a close knit bond with our precious lady parts, the expression of our sexuality will start to blossom.


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