6 Simple Ways To Be In a Long-Distant Relationship With the Moon

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I'm in a long distance relationship with the moon.

I pray to her. I sing to her. I worship her. Depending on what mood she's in, I sometimes do rituals in homage to her. And many, many times I've made love underneath her pregnant milky light, so conscious of her hovering presence over me that the pleasure I felt was magnified and devoured with fervor.

Lately I've become so intensely hyperaware of the moon's existence and influence on me that whenever I'm feeling off or generally unlike myself, I look up to the sky to see what phase she is in. And usually, just knowing that makes everything—my outer world and my inner world—make sense.

I feel her and breathe her, and she opens me and nourishes me. It's a beautiful relationship.

However, it wasn't always this way. It took me quite some time before I actually began to pay full attention to her beyond a surface level fascination. Our long-distance relationship was consummated when I began to fully honor and become more aware of my body and its cycles.

For me, I couldn't begin to establish an intimate relationship with my body without noticing the moon.

The moon has been a longtime symbol for and of womanness. In ancient times, she was seen as a figure of holy wisdom and a metaphor of the feminine. She's also been tied intimately to female body—many believe that just as the moon governs the sea's tides, she too rules our innermost tides, particularly our blood.

I've been so curious about that part of our relationship—how the moon and I are supposedly intricately connected simply because I have a uterus and other inner anatomy. The idea of this sounded overly romantic to me, right on the cusp of cheesy. But as I continued exploring total body awareness, the moon kept popping up.

I would read articles on stepping more into the feminine or books about honoring your body's natural cycles, and there she was. When I researched menstrual cups as an alternative to tampons, "moon" was in the title. My friend referred to my belly as my "moon belly" when I was struggling to love its roundedness.

With all this moon talk, naturally I started to become curious. . .

What if my body was intricately connected with the moon?
What if the key to honoring my own cycles resided in her?
How differently would my life be if I fostered a lasting relationship with her?

And so began our courtship.

It was a slow process. I was cautious at first and afraid of being carried away by weird new-age woo-woo-ness. But she was patient and gave me plenty of time to work through my issues.

We've been together ever since.

There's something incredibly powerful about reconnecting with nature as a means of self-discovery. For me, it has always felt like a returning back to my roots, to my ancestral ties of honoring and celebrating and worshiping the earth and the life it provides.

Truly, it just makes sense, and I find so much pleasure in it. And that sense of pleasure and curiosity has found its way into both my work and my coaching practice.

Mostly by accident I've facilitated several of my clients on how to begin and nurture a relationship with a moon as a way to find peace with their own natural cycles as women.

I am not a moon expert, just a longtime crazy-in-love admirer who is deeply astounded with nature and the way it influences our earthly bodies.

So, if you'd like to begin to honor your body's natural cycles and get a little more connected to the inherent wisdom of nature, I suggest starting with the moon. Here's how.

How to be in a long-distance relationship with the moon:

1. Notice her. Simply look up into the sky and lock eyes with her. Notice what phase she is in—is she waxing or waning? See if you can make out her softs lines and scars. Say hello. Say goodnight. Make it a thing.

2. Buy a moon calendar. This'll enhance the noticing process. This'll make her presence more concrete in your life. There's something really special about seeing all the ways she changes form and cycles through light to dark. (Get your moon calendar here.)

*BONUS! Track your menstrual cycle on your moon calendar. Use a red marker to fill in the days when you're bleeding.

3. Chart your moods to hers. Notice the moon is dark? Check in with your body. How's it feeling? How're you feeling? What's your mood? Be prepared to honor whatever is coming up for you.

*BONUS! Create a moon journal where you can jot down your findings and observations.

4. Bathe in her light. When the moon isn't dark, sit and let her milky rays shine directly on your bare skin. Drink her in. Try to get as much contact with her as possible.

*BONUS! Find a room or a window in your place that has a straight shot of the moon. Spend some time there. Sleep, journal, meditate, dance.

5. Fill your space (or adorn yourself) with her likeness. Buy a crescent moon necklace. Keep a moonstone on your bedside table. Paint a picture of her likeness. Buy and frame a moon poster and put it in your office or above your bed.

Do this so that no matter what, you have her near you always.

6. Read up on astrology. Know the moon's impending or current phase and see what lessons that phase can teach you. For example, today's full moon in Capricorn is asking us to restructure, balance, and prioritize.

Read more about what's happening in the cosmos here:

. . .

A crazy-beautiful thing begins to happen when you start to attune yourself to the moon:

You become deeply influenced by her.

So, while I'm sure you're ready to dive right into a courtship with her, use caution. This relationship is a beautiful one, but it can open you up to the raw, watery feelings that come with syncing up to the moon.

Only begin this relationship with the moon if you're ready to fully honor your natural inner cycles and hers—even the ones that are hard to cuddle up to.

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