A Manifesto for the Bold at Heart: It's Finally Here

Three months ago, I started the process of collecting my thoughts in such a way that it could be perfectly compiled into a small book.

What I expected to be a daunting task, accompanied by writer's block & senseless brooding over words, turned out to be an effortless, gorgeous excursion through the magic of creation.

This book had a life force all its own; it practically wrote itself.

On the brink of its completion, the book had the remarkable opportunity to be featured in an exclusive pre-sale known as Only72.com. Over 1,000 people purchased my manifesto, the turnout of which was as unexpected as it was thrilling.

And then the testimonials started pouring in; I could barely keep up. Left & right, words of beauty, astonishment, & deep appreciation filed in, leaving me brutally aware of the potential of this book's impact on people.

Suddenly, this humble little book -- created as fast as it was dreamed up -- was turning heads, causing a stir, & getting attention all over the world.

People were being guided into meditation with it. People were exploring their sensualities alongside it. People were diving deeply into pleasure with the help of it... And it hadn't even been officially released yet.

It's apparent: Sex, Love, Liberation: A Manifesto for the Bold at Heart is influential, life-altering, & breathtaking.

I am so incredibly pleased & excited to announce that my manifesto is officially available for the world.

To get it (& find out its exquisite details + bonuses), click that big, red button below.


(PS: I would deeply appreciate it if you could help me spread the word about my manifesto. I have a feeling it's going to change people's lives.)

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