Taking the Earth As Your Lover: How to Practice Ecosexuality

Posted on August 2018  in 

I have a pretty special relationship with nature. While I'm not the type of person to go camping every weekend and I'll only hike through the forest if you ask me really nicely, my self—my physical body, my emotional body—revolves completely around nature. 

I am deeply connected to the phases of the moon. Whenever the sun comes out in the dreary Pacific Northwest, I sit right underneath it, gobbling its rays with pleasure. And when I'm in session with a client and I feel myself in need of some grounding, I'll call on the trees and plants around me and request their assistance.

I was raised outdoors. I was taught from a young age to have a sensual connection with the natural world around me. But I would've never considered myself an ecosexual. 

Until now.

I recently had a conversation with Luna Dietrich, an ecosexual femme, about ecosexuality, and we specifically talked about how she honors this part of herself—how ecosexuality is practiced and what ecosex looks like for her. And as I was listening to her talk about her rituals and methods of connecting to her sexual self through nature, I started to hear myself say "Me too."

Which shook me.

When I first heard the term ecosexual, the first thought that came up for me was, "This sounds like some white people shit." And to a degree, I still think that. But ecosexuality doesn't just look like humping trees and having sex in/with the forest. After talking to Luna, I realized that ecosexuality is a lot more accessible and down to earth (pun not intended) than I originally thought.

"This isn't new information; it's ancient indigenous wisdom. Ecosexuality is a modern adaptation for this ancient wisdom. Every single person on this planet is relationship with the earth and we all have the right to be in relationship with the earth."

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