You’re here because you desire. You desire an easeful connection to your body, to experience sacredness and safety in sex, and to feel completely uninhibited in the expression of your sexuality.

You know you're meant to experience incredible amounts of pleasure without shame. Perhaps you've caught glimpses of it in the past—that self-possessed, sexual confidence that you can't stop hungering for.

And you want so badly to come back to that place (maybe for the first time) where sex comes naturally for you and where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

But you feel disconnected from your body.

Shame has kept you from fully inhabiting your sexual self. Fear has blocked you from prioritizing your pleasure. Trauma has hindered your ability to show up to sex fully and freely.

You feel like the voice of your sensual body has been silenced, that your radiance has been dimmed. And sometimes you've even thought to yourself, “I am broken.”

That’s where I come in. But not without first saying: You are not broken.
In fact, I believe that you are sexually whole; that that wholeness is innately with you—always has been, always will be.
Your sexuality is needing a safe, non-judgmental space to be reclaimed and a gentle process to get you to return to a state of confidence, connection, and safety.
And I want to guide you.

My name is Ev’Yan Whitney. I'm a sexuality doula™ and I want you to be sexually free.

My deepest purpose is to help womxn and femme-identifying folks reclaim their erotic power from oppressive forces and guide them into experiencing the full spectrum of their sexual expression—with confidence, ease, and lightness.

I've helped thousands of womxn heal and honor their sexuality and have watched in awe as they blossom beautifully into the erotic, self-loving, embodied, sensual beings they've been craving to be.

When I work with you, I’ll ask you about the wants of your heart and body. I’ll hold space for you as you resolve your trauma. I’ll encourage you to dive deep into pleasure rituals that nourish you as you step into new states of being.
I'll hold you accountable to the desires and curiosities you have and I'll gently nudge the parts of yourself that you want to be explored and uncovered.

And, of course, I’ll be asking you how the sex is.

But we won’t just be talking about sex.

One philosophy that guides me in this work is that everything is connected. If something is off in your sex life, your life outside of sex is probably out of alignment too.

So, in some sessions we might talk about your creativity, other days it’ll be your relationship to orgasm. It might seem a little scattered, and you might even think to yourself, How is any of this even related to sexual liberation?

But I promise you: It’s all connected. And this gentle, holistic, intuitive approach has transformed the lives (and sex lives) of all who have worked with me.


Ev'Yan, I loved working with you and appreciate how you embody and radiate what it can mean to be a sensual, sexual, present and powerful woman in every aspect of my life. Thank you for your resources, your guidance, your support and your wisdom. You are doing such important work in the world and I am thrilled to have shared this part of my journey with you. —Valerie


When you and I begin this sexual liberation work, we'll start by gently turning an eye to your desires.

We'll talk about the relationship you have with your body, who you want to be as a fully sexually expressed person, and whatever old narratives you've internalized that are keeping you from being sexually free.

In our sessions, we might begin to uncover—

  • How to get you out of your head and into your body during sex
  • How to center and prioritize your pleasure
  • The relationship you have with your body, both sexually and platonically
  • Sensuality—what that means and how you can embody it on your terms
  • Resolving any traumatic experiences that have impacted your sexual wellbeing
  • How to reclaim and step into your erotic power
  • How to ask for what you want—both in and out of the bedroom
  • Deconstructing the sex-negative beliefs that are keeping you blocked and shamed
  • What your unique sexual expression + liberation looks like actualized

All the while, I'll be holding space for you, gently guiding you toward sexual freedom and acceptance.

*I work with anyone who identifies as womxn or femme—including trans and non-binary folks.


We're going to liberate and heal your sexuality.

When you choose to work with me, you're signing up for a four-month sexual liberation + healing intensive. During these four months, you and I will go deep into unshaming your sexuality through weekly sessions that'll get you to unpack what's keeping you inhibited, with lots of space for you to explore the sexual being you want to be.

All sessions will be done in a safe, non-judgmental environment where your needs and tender self will be honored and respected. Each session will be fine-tuned and tailored to your unique healing process.

Our work will be as profound as therapy, as down-to-earth as a conversation with your favorite friend, and as transformational as a session with a healer.

Here's what working together will look like logistically—

  • Weekly hour-long voice-to-voice sessions
  • Fun and playful assignments to get you to practice embodying sexual liberation
  • Recordings of our sessions so you can keep track of what you're uncovering
  • Personalized book/article recommendations and resources
  • Access to me by text via my personal number
  • Email support and encouragement between sessions
  • Fierce accountability, emotional affirmation, and empathetic witnessing

Investment: $5,000.00

This is an investment in your lasting sexual freedom.

This work is not for dabblers or for people who want a quick fix. It's for those who are ready to make a dramatic and deeply transformative shift in their erotic lives—once and for all. 

The clients I accept are resourceful, ready to make a lasting transformation, and are committed to investing emotionally, energetically, and financially in themselves and their sexual healing. 

If that's you, I'm ready if you are.

*Payment plans available. I also offer sliding scale for certain cases.


I change people's sex lives.

"I am in absolute awe of the transformation and blossoming that has taken place for me while working with Ev'Yan. It's been literal magic. I have discovered parts of myself that I was longing to connect with. And I am more confident, body-conscious and tapped into my sensual power than ever before. She created the safest, most empowering space for me to explore my deepest desires, and has helped me completely redefine my relationship with my body. I am endlessly grateful for this experience!" —Che Che L.

. . .

"Working with Ev'Yan was the absolute best investment I could have ever done for myself. From coming to terms with some harsh realities about the negative judgments and pressures I was putting on myself that were ultimately blocking me from being my true authentic self to where I am at today, a fully sexual liberated woman—it feels like two different realities. I feel more confident in myself than I ever have before and that confidence has integrated itself into every aspect of my life. From my relationship with myself, with others and my career, it has truly been life-changing. I would recommend this work to anyone." —Marina M.

. . .

"Ev’Yan—Working with you allowed me to connect to parts of myself I’d long forgotten. I saw the beauty in my femininity, in my sensuality and in my vulnerability. I know that whatever I want or need, is ok, and it is my birthright to ask for that to be met. This is such a gift, and although I’ve seen some delicious results from this already, I know that this will continue to have a deep and profound effect in my life for years to come. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It was a privilege to work with you." —Brooke S.

. . .

"Working with Ev'Yan makes me feel light and happy, even when we are exploring some heavy stuff. She is a master at asking exactly the right questions, gently and playfully guiding growth and transformation. I have seen amazing shifts in my life since we began working together; I've let go of stories that were keeping me scared and unhappy, explored my desires in sexuality and romance, and really stepped into my power as a wild warrior woman!" —Kate M.

. . .

"Before working with Ev'Yan, I didn't feel 100% comfortable with my body or my sexuality. Ev'Yan guided me to find the truth of who I am and made it safe for me to uncover aspects of my sexuality and desires in a way that felt totally safe and natural. I never felt judged and that made me feel really loved and secure in order to do this very vulnerable work. Since working with Ev'Yan, I now love and accept my body as the beautiful temple it is, and I love my sex life! I have freed myself from the old baggage that kept me from fully expressing myself sexually." —Meghan K.

. . .

"Since working with Ev'Yan, I feel like I've undergone huge personal transformations that have left me feeling more confident, happier and more in tune with my authentic truth. Ev'Yan helped me trust my inner guidance more and realize that I have an amazing wellspring of knowledge to tap into. My decision to work with her was the first domino piece that lead me to my new partner, more fulfilling sex life, and a more authentic path." Janet B.

. . .

"I was hoping for growth, for a change in how my sensual and sexual self interacted with the world. I hoped to come to a place without shame, without fear. I had no idea just how many harmful behavior and thought patterns would be revealed and challenged during our sessions. With Ev'Yan's help, I've given myself permission to be truly liberated. Thank you, Ev'Yan for your compassionate listening and guidance. You've given me a tremendous foundation to continue my work." —Lonette R.

. . .

"Working with Ev'Yan was the absolute best investment I could have ever done for myself. I would recommend this work to anyone. I understand my deepest desires, not just on a sexual level but on an emotional level, a body level, a soul level. I feel more confident in myself than I ever have before and that confidence has integrated itself into every aspect of my life. From my relationship with myself, with others and my career, it has truly been life-changing." —Marina M.

Your tender, vulnerable parts are safe with me.

What you're feeling (or have felt) about your sexuality, your body, your relationship—the frustration, the disconnectedness, the shame, the sadness—I've been in the same places.

And while these feelings of shame and frustration and brokenness likely feel true for you, right now I want you to try to connect to the part of you that brought you to this page, the part of you that desires.

Perhaps that desire comes in the form of an intuitive hit deep within your belly or a subtle, gentle pull toward Yes, it's time.

Whatever form it takes, it's there—this inner knowing that you have the capacity to be embodied, sensual, and deeply connected to pleasure without shame is always there.

And that's where we'll start—by speaking to that part of you. 


Ev'Yan's books are currently closed

She won't be accepting new clients until Spring 2020.

Here's how you can work with Ev'Yan in the meantime


So many of us make our sexuality the last thing that gets our full presence and healing.

Other things always take precedence—the career, the kids, the romantic partnership—and we keep hoping that our sexual lives will just work itself out eventually.

But what I've seen is this:

When we finally give our sexuality the nurturing and exploration it deserves, everything else—work, relationships, spirituality, our creativity—falls beautifully in place.

No more putting it off. The time for sexual liberation and healing is now.



I can't wait to watch you blossom into the sexually liberated being I know you are.



"It's a rare gift to find someone who is able to
tenderly hold space with one's vulnerabilities."

When I opened myself to this experience I knew even as I felt inner fears and ghost trembles that there were parts of me thirsting to be seen. When I heard your voice I felt that the decision to give voice to this call was the only right thing I could have done for the self I want to become. I am grateful for your wise energy, your tenderness and the lightness with which you guided me during these sessions. —Jasmine K.


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