The Emergence of the Divine Feminine & 11 Ways to Embody It in This Moment

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All around me, I am seeing women who are making empowering choices, women who are coming into deep love of self and radical acceptance of their bodies, women who are changing the way they work in the world, women who are taking charge of their reproductive rights, women who are speaking the truth of who they are and how they feel, women who are tuning in to their desires.

It seems that everywhere I look, I'm hearing (and reading) words like Divine Feminine, Sacred Feminism, Wild Woman, Shakti, Priestess, Feminism, Goddess, Sisterhood, and I know why: these words represent a vast collective shift happening within and around all of us—and not just amongst women.

Divine Femininity—or the Goddess, or Wild Woman—has been a major focal point in my life lately. It's being used in my practice as a sexual liberation coach, it's being explored in my women's groups, and it's asking of me to honor my natural rhythms.

But it's really, really easy for me (or you) to say Divine Feminine. What does it mean? I can only express its meaning by articulating where and when I feel the Feminine, and what that experience feels like.

I experience the Divine Feminine when I am listening to and following my intuition, when I'm making love to my beloved, when I'm in a deep state of creative expression.

I am in communion with the Feminine when I dream, when I tend to my home space, when I move my body to dance, and when I twist my hair. I feel most like a Wild Woman when I am connected to my moon cycle, when I aware of the beauty of my surroundings, and when I contemplate the Life, Death, Rebirth nature of all. I encounter Sisterhood when I'm on the phone with my clients, when I am brunching with my girlfriends, and when I'm in circling with Mothers and Crones.

All of this is happening in my life, every moment, every day. The Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the Wild Woman—she is always here.

A feminine uprising is happening, and you are part of it.

How you can support (and immerse yourself in) this rising up of the Feminine:

1. Acknowledge the woman (the Feminine) inside of you. Do whatever it takes to connect with her. What I do to bring Her out: bath soaks by candlelight with essential oils; belly dancing; slathering coconut oil all over my body, slowly and intentionally; Björk, Lana Del Rey, Kelela, Billie Holiday, and Erykah Badu; and red lipstick.

2. Feel good about the power in the Feminine. The Feminine is the force of nature, a potent energy to be reckoned with. She is not always sunshine and roses, but can be a destructive, turbulent force. There is no need to fear Her, or to fear the innate power you have within you. She is on your side. Destruction paves the way for creation.

3. Hold space for your sisters. They are walking this path with you; share this journey with them. Be proud of who they are becoming, divulge what you're uncovering about yourself. Book clubs, women's groups, and texting marathons nourish the Feminine essence.

4. Be in nature. Touch trees and leaves. Skip stones. Smell flowers. Lay down in the grass and watch the bugs. Look up at the clouds. Turn your compost. The Feminine lives there.

5. Give yourself room to play. Create; use your hands, your voice, your imagination. Keep ample space in your schedule. Sleep in when you can (and do so unapologetically). Explore only things that give you pleasure and bring you joy. The Wild Woman thrives on spaciousness and ease.

6. Find a spiritual practice that honors and celebrates the Feminine (and if you can't find one, create your own). Here's a glimpse of mine: collaging in my Goddess Space; writing in my manifestation journal as the Goddess Isis looks on; paying homage to Aphrodite by wearing rose quartz; reading more and more about Goddesses in general (lots of Goddess worship, as you can see).

7. Bring intimacy into your life. The Feminine is a master of intimacy, of deepening relationships. We can create intimacy with anything we wish: our pets, our plants, every single person we pass as we're walking. All it takes is a smile, an intention to connect, and a heart open to love.

8. Follow your intuition. That voice you hear, the one you seldom heed because you think it's crazy/invalid/ridiculous? That's the Divine Feminine. She speaks constantly through you. Give her a listen.

9. Ask for what you want. Speak your truth. Hunt your desires. Settle for nothing less.

10. Pay attention to the moon cycles. Pay attention to your moon cycles. Simply look up. The moon is the Feminine.

11. Surrender. Allow. Open to what is.

To your inner Wild Woman.
To your courage.
To your innate creative life force.

You are the Feminine incarnate.

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