The Moon, The Stars, & My Sex Life: What My Astrological Chart Says About My Sexuality

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Confession: I'm a bit obsessed with astrology. More than just reading my horoscope, I’m super into the intricacies of my natal chart—my rising and moon signs, the particular signs my planets are in, and also the signs my friends and loved ones (even my dog) have.

As I've been doing my own personal study of astrology, I've noticed two planets that keep piquing my interest—Mars and Venus. Mars and Venus are both notorious for being planets that represent sexuality and sensuality, and my Mars and Venus just so happen to be in Virgo.

With my limited knowledge of astrology, I have a sense that my Mars and Venus being in Virgo deeply affects the way I love and fuck, but I've always been curious to get a professional's opinion it. So, recently I had my friend and astrologer, Jaliessa Sipress of Obsidian Moon Astrology, do a little sextrology reading on me.

In the reading, we got super into my Mars and Venus and some of the other components of my chart and how it all relates to my sexual identity and expression.

And it was so spot on.

What I learned about my sexuality through this reading:

  • My demisexuality comes (in part) from my Cancer moon
  • The reason I get so in my head during sex likely comes from all of my Virgo energy
  • All of the wounds I have around relationships is holding me back sexually
  • Me being a sexuality doula and sex educator was literally written in the stars

“The biggest thing that astrology gives us is self-awareness. Knowing ourselves and knowing where we want to go, and having guidance about what our birthright is—astrology ties us back to what both makes us human and also magical, mystical, spiritual beings.”

This reading was fascinating. And more than just giving me interesting information, Jaliessa also gave me some tips on how I can have the kind of sex life I deserve to have, one where I'm not so much in my head and where I'm able to enjoy the process.

And we recorded all of it.

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Go to to book a reading with Jaliessa. Her books are now open for September but they're filling up fast. Also, check out her weekly horoscopes which I follow religiously and follow her on Instagram where she's constantly sharing her mystical wisdom.

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